Brewing Wild – A Talk to the Jersey City Brew Club

It has been a long time, but I’ve finally put together a new YouTube video – Brewing Wild, A Talk to the Jersey City Brew Club. This is a talk I gave to the Jersey City Brew Club back in July. The delay in posting was due to a mistake I made in setting up my audio capture device, which led to feedback destroying much of the talk’s audio track. I have recorded voice-overs for the sections which were of poor quality, and at long last, the video is posted!

The talk covers a range of wild yeast topics, from where to look for wild yeast, to how to safely harvest them, through to characterizing their contribution to the brew-house. I hope you enjoy! This is a part of the “Hunting Wild Yeast” video and blog series; click the link to find more posts and video’s like this one. More video and blog series can be found here. A PDF of the slides I presented can be found here.

Also, last week I put up a new trailer for my channel – its a bit jazzier than the last one!


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