Blog & Video Series

Many of the articles and videos I prepare are part of larger series on a specific brewing topic. A complete list of these series and all videos/articles in them, can be found below. A complete list of my videos can be found on my youtube page.

The Fifty Meter Beer Project

A vlog-style series on my attempt to produce a beer made from barley grown on my farm and malted in my brewery, hops from my hop yard, and of course, wild yeast. A full list of episodes can be found by clicking this link.

Drying Kveik Experiment Series

A 6-month series of posts assessing the viability of Kveik dried using a cheap food dehydrator.

Posts on Brewing Methods

Posts on a variety of brewing methods

Making Belgian Candi Sugar

A series of posts on making your own candi sugar at home, with simple ingredients.

Fact or Fiction – Can Pathogens Survive in Beer?

A blog series on the pathogens that can make our beer their home, and an assessment of their risk

  1. Fact of Fiction – Can Pathogens Survive in Beer? Part I – Of Course They Can (focused on bacterial pathogens).
  2. Fact or Fiction – Can Pathogens Survive in Beer? Part II – Moulds.
  3. Fact or Fiction – Can Pathogens Survive in Beer? Part III – The RDWHAHB Edition.
  4. Factor or Fiction Part IV – Biogenic Amines in Beer.
  5. Fact or Fiction Part V – Botulism in Brewing.
  6. Fact or Fiction Part VI – Nitrosamines in Beer.
  7. Fact or Fiction Part VII – Safety and Health of Raw Milk

Beer on the Brain Video Series

Short (<5 minute) videos on brewing science, brewing processes and beer myths

  1. Intro to BotB
  2. Can Starsan Kill Yeast?
  3. Your Lyin’ Hydrometer
  4. Where do the Wild Yeast Roam?
  5. Sugar in Yeast Starters?
  6. What are Diastaticus Yeasts?
  7. Where do the Wild Brettanomyces Roam?


A playlist of interesting microorganisms I find during my microscopy exploration. Mostly non-brewing related.

Your Home Yeast Lab Made Easy

A series of videos on setting up a yeast lab in your home, and how to apply basic microbiological techniques to the collection, storage and handling of yeast & other brewery organisms.

  1. Setting up your workspace
  2. Building & using an alcohol lamp
  3. Aseptic Techniques
  4. Streak Plates
  5. Preparing Agar Plates
  6. Choosing a Microscope
  7. DIY Yeast Bank using Slants
  8. Storing Yeast by Refrigeration and Freezing
  9. Preparing a Yeast Starter from a Slant or Plate

Capturing Wild Yeasts

Video series on methods to capture and use wild yeasts.

  1. My method for capturing wild yeasts
  2. Isolating pure strains of wild yeast
  3. Identifying Yeast and Bacteria

Hunting Wild Yeasts

A series of blog posts about my attempts to capture elusive wild yeasts.

Using PCR to Identify Contamination in Beer

A short series of posts on a method to detect the presence of bacteria and Saccharomyces cerevesia variant diastaticus.