Thank You Jersey City – Online Talk


On Monday I gave a short online talk to the Jersey City Brew Club, about various methods to catch and assess wild yeast cultures prior to using them in a proper beer. The club was also kind enough to allow me to record the talk – unfortunately, my screen capture software captured almost entirely feedback. So rather than posting a new video, I’ve attached the slides to this post.

These slides are distributed under a Creative Commons Share Alike 2.5 Licence – so feel free to use them!

Interested In An Online Talk?

If you are part of a brewing club (formal or informal) and would be interested in a talk on this topic, or any other topic covered by my blog, I’m quite happy to try and find time in my schedule. I can be contacted at:

bryan ampersatsuigenerisbrewingdomain

Obviously you must replace the stuff in the curly brackets with the appropriate symbols.

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