More Drinking With Santa

So Christmas is near, and many bottles of Bad Santa (read the saga here, here, here and here) have been handed out with the explicit instructions “Do Not Open Until Christmas”.  So I’m nervous; we’ve got a less-than-perfect brew just a few days away from being imbibed by friends & family – including more than a few beer snobs.  So what is a brewer to do – other than test, and test again?

Good news is the beer has improved greatly – much of the strong sweetness that dominated the beer earlier has faded into a more pleasant maltyness.  The ginger & cinnamon has mellowed, the rough edges are now gone.  Moreover, notes of honey are (finally) beginning to show through.  Even that pesky haze has faded slightly…although the beer remains less than ideally clear.

Based on how its aged so far, I’d predict peak goodness in another month or two – but it’s more than good enough to be served on Christmas.

I guess Bad Santa decided to play nice…

…And Merry Christmas everyone.


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