Bad Santa’s Bein’ Naughty

So its time to keg bad santa, but things are not what they should be.  What should be a clear beer remains cloudy.  Given all the bad things which happened, I shouldn’t be surprised that things are not 100%, but still…

The problem may not be obvious in this photo, but the beer remains cloudy – this should be an amber-coloured beer with a bit-o-red in the colour.  It is that colour, but there’s also a lot of haze, making it look darker than it should be.

Why is the haze there, why won’t it go away?  Short answer is . . . I don’t know.  Hopefully its protein or yeast – a bit of gelatin at kegging will pull that out.  But I fear it may be starch – which no force on earth will get rid of.

Hopefully it’ll still taste good, but this may be a beer to drink out of a ceramic tankard.

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