The Fifty Meter Beer Project Part 12 – Yeast Tests!

Somehow, its been a month since my last update…or work on the Fifty Meter Beer Project. So its time to start testing some of the wild yeast I’ve collected! Today I am brewing a German-inspired Pilsner. This is a simple recipe that I will ferment with W34-70. But before I pitch the yeast I will pull a bit of the wort to use to run some fermentation tests on the isolate yeast. These yeast initial tests will look at attenuation and pH, but those which look good will also be assayed for flavour and aroma.

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If you are interested, this is a simple recipe that makes a great beer. For 23L (6 US gallons)

  • 4.5 kg Pilsner malt
  • 20 g Warrior @ 12.7%, First Wort Hop + 60 min boil
  • 25 g Hallertauer @ 2.8%, 10 min flavour addition
  • Whirflock @ 15 min
  • W34-70, fermented at cellar temperature

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