µBrews – Episode 10

In this, the final episode of µBrews, I discuss how digital cameras can be connected to a microscope to allow brewers to keep a permanent archive of images taken of their brewery samples, and opens the door to computational analysis of those images. Brewers may want this capacity to monitor changes in the composition or appearance of yeast pitched over successive brews, to track the progress of mixed fermentations, to identify the presence of unexpected organisms in their brewery, to post “cell-fies” to social media, and to perform more rigorous (and potentially even automated) cell counts. In this video I will introduce you to a few options for capturing images from your microscope, and demonstrate how the free image analysis tool FIJI can be used for cell counting.

Items mentioned in the video:

This is part of a video series on using microscopy in the home or craft brewery. A full list of published episodes can be found on my µBrews YouTube playlist, or on my blog.

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