Drying Kveik – Part 4 (3 Months)

Its time for the next update on my drying kveik experiment. As a quick bit of background, 3 months ago I dried some Voss Kveik using a home food dehydrator. I have been monitoring the viability of the yeast on a monthly basis since then:

  1. Initial drying and 24 hour viability
  2. Viability at 1 month
  3. Viability at 2 months

Trypan blue stained of dried kveik, 3 months
Trypan blue staining of dried kveik, 3 months after drying.

Viability continues to decrease at 6-8% per month, with viability currently at 76-78%. This is consistent with the past two months, with yeast viability decreasing to 50% viability after 6 months. I would guess that a 50% viability would be enough to pitch this yeast directly, without a starter. For storage longer than 6 months a starter is needed.

As per my estimate last month, this data is consistent with a maximum usable lifetime (e.g. ~1% viability) of ~40 months. That is over 3 years.

3 thoughts on “Drying Kveik – Part 4 (3 Months)

  • May 27, 2019 at 1:45 PM

    This is great Bryan! thank you for sharing it!
    I used a few times Hothead ale, so far so good.
    I harvested some slurry and freezed in tubes using your glycerol method. My question: Why not just freezing like that insted of drying?
    My 2 cents: I perceived this yeast doesn’t bound very well with glycerol, though!

    • May 29, 2019 at 2:05 PM

      Fun, mostly. I have all of these in my frozen stocks, and they survive freezing (in glycerol) just fine. I’m more curious how well these hold up under more “tradition” storage methods.


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