Is this beer cursed?

One full mashtun!

The readers of my blog know I had a bit of trouble recently – I had to dump an all-Brett imperial stout due to a persistent infection issue that had ruined a couple of beers. Anyhow, my plan was to quietly re-brew this beer so I could hand it out at my brew clubs annual advent event.

But, as the title suggests, things have not gone well. This time the problem is something else – I usually condition my grain prior to milling. I find that this greatly reduces the risk of a stuck sparge without hurting my efficiency. Not so this time – my efficiency is down 10%, and I’m pretty sure its because I lost track of how much water I conditioned with and thus over-did it.

To help fix this I collected a few extra litres of run-off and am extending my boil time slightly. But even so, I’m not getting the 9% beer I was hoping for, and instead it will be kicking around 7%.

I need a victory – I think my next beer needs to be something simple, something beyond even my ability to screw up. Malt-extract and hops, here I come

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