Animalcules: A New Video Series

As many of my readers know, I love microscopy. I use it extensively here in this blog, and have made an entire video series on using microscopy in the brewery. I use microscopy as part of my job, teach it to students, have written/edited a book on biological microscopy methods, and have even invented new microscopy-based techniques.

While I haven’t really written about this on my blog, my love of microscopy extends beyond my work and brewing, and is a hobby onto itself. I (and increasingly so, my son) spend a lot of time looking at various things we find on our farm – and elsewhere – under my home microscope. It’s a fun hobby that gives a unique view of the life that permeates the world around us.

I’ve decided to share some of what we find with my brewing readership/viewership, through a new video series Animalcules. This series will be a series of short (under 5 minute) videos featuring interesting subjects. Some will be brewing related, may will not, but I hope that everyone enjoys the new series.

What is an Animalcules Anyways?

Animalcules is a term created by the great grandaddy of biological microscopy himself,  Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. He was one of the first people to use the newly invented microscope for investigating life. He discovered microorganisms, which he named Animalcules (latin for “‘little animal”), and in doing so, gave birth to the field of microbiology.

The First Video

In the first video I give a brief introduction to the video series, and show off one of my more exciting recent finds – a fantastic looking amoeba.

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