2020 In Review

If 2020 were a specific gravity

Thankfully, this shit-hole of a year has less than 8 hours left in it, so I guess its time for my annual look back on the year that was.

This year was shit.

But the brewing wasn’t bad!

The Good: Counting a double-header today, I managed to squeeze in 20 brews this year – a personal best since my son came along (although less than half of my halcyon years back when I was in my 20’s). By-and-large, this years beers and meads were excellent.

I completed and posted a 11-part video series on microscopy in the brewhouse, plus put up a few additional youtube videos, I appeared in several podcasts, and put out over 15 articles on my blog.

I also pulled off a few fun experiments, including a few which will be published in 2021.

The Bad: There was (and still is) a pandemic. My dog died. A lot of other bad shit went down.

The Ugly: Ibid.

2020 – Quick Stats

What’s Up in 2021?

More yeast hunting and wild brewing fun is coming this year, and look out for the start of a new video series on taking your home yeast lab to the next level!

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