Learn To Brew – 140 Characters At A Time

Yesterday (Saturday November 4th) was the Learn To Homebrew Day (LTHD). LTHD is an annual event, held world-wide, intended to introduce new (and experienced) brewers to the art of homebrewing, and to give people a chance to meet homebrewers in their community. This year, hundreds of groups have registered LTHD events, so chances are there is one near you!

My brewing club – the London Homebrewers Guild – hosted our event at Forked River Brewing and we had an excellent turnout. We had a few guild members brew on their personal rigs, and we also brewed a 1 barrel batch of Imperial Stout on the clubs large brewing system. Below is an archive of the live-tweeting I did during our brewday, @SuiGenerisBrew.

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