Triple-Recipe Update

I’ve somewhat fallen down on the blogger job – I’d done three brews in the past week and not one blog post about any of them.

In my defence, the first two batches barely qualify as either brew-days or recipes…enter this years ciders!

The recipe for both is dirt-simple:

Cider #1: This is the classical cider that I’ve brewed 3 times in a row now (last years recipe) – 20 L of fresh-pressed cider, 3 g potassium metabisulfate, 5 g of yeast nutrient, 3 tsp pectic enzyme and 1 packet Nottingham dry yeast. The process is dirt-simple:

  1. Add metabisulfate, let sit ~4 hours
  2. Add yeast nutrient and pectic enzyme, let sit overnight
  3. Add yeast, let ferment ~3 weeks before transfering to secondary
  4. Age until ready, typically 6 months.
Cider #2: Take the recipe for cider #1, drop the yeast and split everything else in half (its a half-batch). In place of Nottingham, pitch a Belgian yeast (Fermentas T-58, this time around). Everything else is the same. The hope here is to get an effect similar to mulled cider, but without the addition of spice.

Learn-To-Brew IPA

The third brew, brewed this Saturday, was a hop-bursted IPA which I brewed at my brewing clubs annual learn-to-brew event held at Forked River Brewing. For some reason I decided to go whole-hog on this beer – water additions, sparge acidification, whole hops, and so forth. But because this was a learn-to-brew event most of that (except the hops) got missed during the brew-day, so it may not quite end up where I wanted it. Regardless, its a pretty simple (and good smelling) brew:
  • 6 kg Canadain 2-row malt
  • 450 g Caramunich II
  • 230 g Victory malt
  • 85 g (3 oz) Centennial whole-hops, 15 min whirlpool
  • 85 g (3 oz) Citra whole-hops, 15 min whirlpool
  • Enough of a bitterning hop (N. Brewer), 60 min in the boil, to get the beer to 65 IBU
20 L final volume at 1.064. Mash for light body, use burtonized water, adjust mash pH with lactic acid, irish moss @ 15 min to help clear.
Of course, to replicate this beer add the salts to the boil, rather than to the mash/sparge, forget the irish moss, and boil for ~68 minutes, all while forgetting to take photos of the brewing event because you’re too busy teaching new people to brew yakking with anyone who drops by your mash tun.

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