A (sort-of) update on Brett trois

Some of my readers will be aware that I and several others have done some genetic analyses that suggest that WLP644 (Brett trois) may in actuality be a Sachharomyces. For those not familiar with this issue, or who need a refresher, my post covering both my work and some of the work done by others can be found here: Brett Trois – A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Chris White talked briefly about the “controversy” surrounding the true identity of Brettanomyces trois in a Cheers Charlotte podcast a few days ago (time stamp 28:45 to 30:05). He didn’t give away the punchline, saying “it is too early to tell” and that “we have seen some signs it is Saccharomyces“. He went on to state that the results he has seen are mixed and that it is not yet clear. Apparently, they are waiting for the whole genome sequence to determine what it is, and if it is a hybrid. But it sounds to me like he is leaning towards a Saccharomyces identification as well.

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