New Video: Your Home Yeast Lab Made Easy

I’ve been asked many times here on my blog, on my YouTube channel, and in person, to do some videos and posts about how to employ some of the methods I use in my lab to culture yeast in the home. I’ve long been promising to prepare videos that do just that, and today I begin making good on that promise!

This is the first video in a planned series of 9 or 10 videos. The goal is to keep the videos short as to give the information in easily-digestible bites. This first video shows you how to set-up a workspace in your home for yeast culturing.

At this time I have video filmed for two additional episodes – how to make an alcohol lamp (a DIY Bunsen burner), and how to do a streak plate. Watch for these over the next few days! Future videos will include:

  • Basic sterile techniques
  • Preparation of starters
  • Preparation & use of agar plates in the home lab
  • Preparation & use of slants in the home lab
  • Freezing yeast at home
  • Purifying wild yeast

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