Brewing Under a Blue Moon

Saturdays bottling session opened up a fermenter – which means it must be filled again.  So on Sunday I brewed “La Lune Bleu”; a beer which should resemble Blue Moon (in Canada, sold in a weakened form as “Richards White”).  Its a Belgian-style wheat beer, with a yeasty twist.  Its made with a mix of barely malt, wheat malt, and rolled oats, with hints of hop bitterness, orange peel and coriander.  But this brew does away with the typical yeasts normally used in Blegian wheats, which produce fruity/estery flavours which tend to predominate Belgian beers.  In its place a mild ale yeast is used, allowing the malt flavour and spices to shine through.

A few pics below the fold.

The only picture I took of my brewing setup – the pot hold nearly 30L of beer, reduced to 23L over the course of the boil.

Dammit – I missed the expected original gravity (1.055); adjusted for temperature the OG is 1.047.  What does it mean – the beer should still taste great, but won’t be as alcoholic as expected (5% instead of 5.7%).

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