I’m Famous! (but nameless…fame is a fickle mistress)

My fame is spreading far and wide – as far away as Chile…but, unfortunately, no one knows my name! My blog received several minutes of discussion during an interview with¬†Garrett Garfield on the Experimental Brewing Podcast…but they couldn’t remember the name of my blog! Garrett has been quite successful using my Yeast Capture Techniques¬†to wrangle up some local yeasts and mixed cultures, with a success rate that I’m envious of (50%). I’m happy to see that people are finding the material on my blog useful. But its apparently hard to remember – I guess that’s what I get for picking a pretentious biology term for the name of my blog.

Garrett’s interview interview starts at the 34 minute mark; discussion of wild captures an my blog starts at 59 min and 30 sec.

And if you’re in the Santiego area, Garrett’s opening a meadery, so go check that out!

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